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Dive into our healthy recipes that prove clean eating can be much more delicious than you thought!
As Personal Trainers & Nutrition Coaches, Jon and I have a real passion for helping people change their habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and believe that it is our job to educate our clients on how and why we get them to train and eat in a certain way. Training and nutrition goals are different for everyone, but we could all do with cleaning up our diet no matter what our goals are. Contrary to popular belief though, eating clean doesnt have to mean boring, bland food. We like to have ourselves and our clients be living proof that you can achieve great results AND still enjoy delicious food. 
In our opinion nutrition isn’t about a quick fix or fad diets, it is about food as fuel and establishing the balance of nutrients that gets our bodies performing most efficiently. And we can't deny, it's also about eating for a lean, fit body we are proud to parade on the beach right??
At JMT we believe that a healthy, balanced diet plays a key role in achieving lifestyle and fitness goals. In our experience, if you do not commit to changing your dietary habits in the long term you will struggle to achieve what you set out to do. Generally speaking, up to 70% of results are driven by our nutritional habits with the remaining 30% down to the actual training you do in the gym. Having a commitment to both will allow you to establish a long term change.
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